CSID / CallerID / PIN

Welcome to BASIC's Claims Fax lookup system where you can confirm that BASIC has recieved your FSA/HRA Fax.

To search for confirmation of an FSA or an HRA fax that you sent to BASIC:
  • In the search field above, enter all or part of the Caller Station IDentification (CSID) programmed into the fax machine that you sent your fax with.
  • Starting on 2/16/2021, faxes sent now have CallerID (aka CNIS) recorded too, and you can now search for all or part of the CallerID which will often match the return fax number, but not always, if fax machines are set to dial out through voice trunks, etc
  • Please do not include any spaces, punctuation or leading 1's for long distance.
  • You may submit a blank search, which will return every FAX, allowing you to look through the list for your submission.
  • You may also search by "NoCSID" for a FAX that was submitted without a CSID.
  • Searching is NOT case sensitive, if you are searching for a CSID which is not numeric, or you are searching for NoCSID
  • When a Fax is first looked at and put in the electronic BASKET, most times Participant initials are added (pin), and this has been appended now to the search field CSID, if you want to search by first and last initials
  • Click the "Search" Button below the CSID / CallerID field to see the results.
  • If there are too many matching results, you can narrow down the search to look only between a specified start date and time and a specified end date and time using options on the top of the results page to narrow your search.


  • NEW – Newly faxed claim/verification has entered our paperless workflow.
  • PENDING – Not looked at and put in the BASKET yet.
  • BASKET – Awaiting assignment, which is currently delayed up to 10 business days after receipt. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • NONAGG BASKET – Fax has been moved to NonAggregate Basket, awaiting assignment.
  • VERIFICATION – Main basket for Verifications, not claims.
  • FIRST NAME – Currently being worked on by the listed rep.
  • NO SHOW – Waiting to see Debit Card Transaction show up in system.
  • PRE-AUTH – Debit Card Transaction has shown up, but not authorized yet.
  • DUPLICATE - Sent claim more than once and this has been identified as a duplicate submission
  • UNKNOWN – Not sure what this is, but don’t mark as UTP yet.
  • UTP – Unable to Process, Not readable, faxed blank side, or a spam Fax, etc.
  • RESEARCH – Something about the claim is being researched.
  • COMPLETED – Claim was processed, check your online account for details, if it was approved, etc.
  • .

Available for Fax Search Available for Fax Search Not found in Fax Search Not found in Fax Search
800-391-6562 800-731-1922 800-644-7383 800-658-7248
Local: 269-327-0716 Local: 269-488-6255 Local: 269-327-3779 Local: 269-327-4996